Our annual Mc Donald's date

by - Monday, December 12, 2011

When we moved to Gent in 2007, we received a map of all the pubs there and BabyLuv & I decided that we'd go to all of them. Unfortunately the map teared when I tried to move it to another wall and I had to throw it away.
Early November 2009, I got a new similar map but it pointed all the Gentse restaurants! This was just perfect because we adore going to the restaurant. So we decided to try every restaurant in town. What a challenge! We're on the right track already and we still go to our favorite places often but we like to try a different one now and then.

I don't know why, but it seems that going to Mc Donald's only happens once a year even though it's 200 meters away. Not that I'm complaining, I always eat too fast there and then I get sick. So does Peter. He's already a pretty fast eater as it is.
Tonight we both tried something new. Peter said his 1955 burger was okay but I didn't really like mine so much, it was not as tasteful.
I ordered some Sprite even though I don't drink sodas (or any beverage with bubbles) but it helps the food going down and then Peter finishes it (I think I drink only one quarter each time).
But, bien sûr, I always take dessert! My favorite part of the dinner! This time I tried the speculaas McFlurry. Yummy! Unfortunately I had to eat it all melted because we stopped by our neighbors to talk to them.

Mac Donald's Martelaarslaan
Martelaarslaan 19
9000 Gent
Tel : +32 (0)9 234 14 67

Specialties: fast food.
Atmosphere: heavy.
Service: quick.
Food: okay.
Bathroom: -

Open Sunday 11.00 until 23.00
Monday through Thursday 10.00 until 23.00
Friday & Saturday 10.00 until 00.00

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