A visit from dear old friends...

by - Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today was such a beautiful day for me because I got to see some of my favorite friends. They're really dear to me and I miss them a lot. They were the ones who helped me through my years in college in Lille and I'm forever grateful for them.
It was such a treat having them over this afternoon: we drank some tea, talked about our lives and our common friends, ate some sweets and cookies and brownies. It even snowed! What a surprise for all of us! It was a perfect reunion!

Nadj is a very talented translator (English to French), she's so sweet and always encouraging. She has a big heart and can always make you smile no matter what. I love her optimist nature.
Seb is a multitask talented bear! He fixed our toilet in a jiffy! I was sooo impressed! He can build furniture, theater decors, fix almost anything and he's one of the kindest men I know.
Nadj looks gorgeous with her pink and blue hair, doesn't she?
I think those two are one of the cutest couples I know.

Thank you, Nadj & Seb for coming to our little home.
We shouldn't wait another year before we see each other again, ok?!
Love ya!

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2 little notes

  1. How sweet <3
    Thanks for that wonderful afternoon - and the snow was really the icing on the cake! (well, not so much when we had to get back home, but..)
    I swear we won't wait a year before seeing each other again!