Let's have a baby | Spending money

by - Saturday, May 07, 2011

Today lieverd and I had a huge fight over money.

I spent a lot the last month on ridiculous things and the bill was a bit higher than I normally allow myself to spend. He didn't understand and I got upset because he was right. I know I should be more careful and this definitely shows that I'm not quite ready for a responsible life. I'm being stubborn of course and this makes it even worse.

He also mentioned my laziness: I'm not doing much in the house anymore. The laundry pile is huge, the washing is not done, he has to cook when he comes home even if I spent the whole day at home, I didn't even bother vacuuming. This is the worse I've ever been. And again, I know he's right and so I start a fight.

Today, lieverd was pretty mean. But it sure worked its way to my brain this time. That kick did the trick alright. I have to be better.

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