Road Trip

by - Sunday, November 22, 2009

cielardennesToday we went for a road-trip in the Flemish Ardennen. The weather was nice at first, we saw the little mountains that are used for some cyclist competition. I was very impressed by how sloping they are! It's so high and must be so hard.
And suddenly it began to pour like I've never seen before! The wind was so hard and we couldn't see anything anymore and then it began to hail and it was pretty scary. So we stopped and waited a bit.
After awhile, we decided to go again and we saw some more heights. It's funny they are all with cobblestones. We even saw someone climb one of the sloping heights and he did it ALL! I was soooo impressed!
Shortly afterward, the storm stopped and the sky was amazing. I took many pictures because it was truly a beauty of nature.

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