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by - Sunday, January 25, 2015

I've been doing bébé's laundry and it makes me all happy and excited: I'm pretty sure every mom-to-be has this thing with little clothes being the cutest thing ever, haven't they? Folding them and imagining bébé in them has my mind blown away and makes me smile so so much.

Peter and I decided on bébé's first outfit as we welcome him/her to the world. I just can't wait to see him/her in this cute little outfit from La Queue Du Chat, one of the first brands I've fallen for when it comes to cozy and lovely outfits for bébé.
I've got a bunch of crazy cute outfits from them and it's funny how I know they'll always be so adorable and comfortable for bébé as I imagine him/her playing, sleeping, dancing, reading in them...

bébé belly: 32 weeks, getting bigger and bigger

Shot 24/01/2015 on a Canon EOS 70D with a 18-135mm lens - 1/50 - ƒ/4.5 - ISO 160

This photo project is linked to the beautiful 52-project of Jodi on Practising Simplicity

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