2013 Three Sixty Five | Week one

by - Sunday, January 06, 2013

I started a new 365 this year and I think it's going to be fun and challenging but I'm ready to put myself into this project and actually finish it this time.

The subject is also an 'easy' one for me: our home, because I'm such a homebuddy.

I'm excited to share all the pictures and their meaning too. I've been putting them on flickr, fb and on a special tumblr. I was also publishing them on my photography blog but I decided to stop since they're already on so many platforms.


Day one: This is the new addition to my giraffe collection. BabyLuv's parents gave it to me for Christmas and it's gorgeous. It goes perfectly in our green and grey dining room.

Day two: This is a bouquet some friends gave us when they came for dinner, it was so lovely but we forgot it when we went to France for the Holidays.

Day three: This was our Christmas tree this year. We didn't get a real one because we didn't get a chance to go and then we were leaving for the Holidays so it didn't matter. Though it made us feel less Christmassy this year...

Day four: Our new dining light is gorgeous: we chose it a few months ago but had troubles with the company selling it so we only got it a week ago. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Day five: On weekends we usually do the housework (by we, read BabyLuv mostly since he does the main big chores) and I just love it when the floor is wiped and clean and looks almost as new.

Day six: This isn't actually at our house but at BabyLuv's parents'. Since it was the Epiphanie, I thought I'd share their gorgeous set of the Nativity. This capture is my favorite because of the blur but I also captured the two other Kings:



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