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by - Saturday, October 10, 2015

This weekend I had the pleasure to shoot our friends Andres & Kristien's wedding and it was so great and magical and so beautiful.

We brought É. along since I'm still breastfeeding (and let's be honest, we haven't let her with anyone before, so it's kinda scary): she was such a trooper, she did so well, only cried once when she saw her dinner and couldn't have any just yet because it was way too hot.

I worked from 1pm to a little after midnight. She only slept half an hour about 3/4 times during the day, but it didn't bother her too much. She played a lot, cooed a whole lot and even sang a few songs. She even briefly slept while the DJ started playing. I'm really proud of her.

I was afraid of how she'd react and if she'd be fussy, especially since it was a long day for her but everybody said she was very cute and well-behaved and this was a relief.

I'm not sure I'll do it again though, it's hard work. Peter did a wonderful job taking care of her during the day but in the evening, I took over (+ the photography job) and my back still hurts from carrying her around (and maybe the fact I slipped on her food and fell during dinner didn't help either, ha!). We'll see.

É.: she can fall asleep anywhere if we hold her close first

Shot 10/10/2015 on a Canon 70D - 1/40 - ƒ/5.0 - ISO 250

 This photo project is linked to the beautiful 52-project of Jodi on Practising Simplicity.

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