Is it really Christmas?

by - Monday, December 22, 2014

This year end is not like any others: it doesn't feel like Christmas yet even though it's just two days away, or that the end of the year is next week. Peter and I were talking about it the other day and we feel the same. For us, it feels a bit numb, really. I guess we're so engorged in all the things we have to do and think about before a little human being comes into our life just three months from now that we just forgot about it all, in a way.

I'm kind of wondering how it will feel like when we are with our families, will we still feel the same or are we going to get into the Holidays Spirit then? I hope for the latter... I've always loved Christmas and the celebrations and the wrapping papers and the joy around us. I know it's a time for celebration and fun and joy and I want to feel all of it. 

I know that when I see all my family, I'm the happiest and since it's been a while, I'm sure all the celebrations will then just feel too short and I'll want time to slow down.
I might even put out some decorations today and make it a little more cozy at home.


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