Long time, no post...

by - Monday, August 26, 2013

I've been lacking time and (somehow) motivation to update my blog lately.

Things aren't always going the way I want them to and it frustrates me. I think I live from day to day and often forgets that I started a few projects and never kinda finish them. I know I need to change my ways and priorities and I've started already (I am writing, yeah!).

This year has gone so quickly already and I can't believe we're almost in September. This is just totally crazy! Why is the time going faster as we grow older?

I'm going to continue updating this blog, putting past posts and updating it more regularly. I'm also going to start creating an online portfolio, maybe try for a website and I'm going to try to finish the projects I started all through the last three or four years.

It's a lot to do but if I take the time, I'll be able to finish by the end of this year and it'll be so rewarding and amazing. I just hope I won't lose faith and that I'll be strong enough for all that's awaiting me.


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