It's not the home we chose...

by - Monday, March 18, 2013

plancher balcon

What you see above is nothing compared to what we're going through. And what I'm going to write is only a tiny teeny bit of what's really going on there.

We've been living in this apartment for more than 2 years and it's been sh*t after sh*t happening because we unfortunately thought people were honest.

It started from the beginning but we were too naive and too excited for a new place that we didn't see anything until we realised we were dealing with non-professional people who actually are smugglers. We've been complaining since day 1 (we bought our place in December 2009) that there was a water problem and that needed to be fixed. We heard all kind of stories like
"it's normal", (sure, water coming out from our living-room walls is normal), 
"we injected something, it should be okay now" (then it flooded in the garage like it never had before), 
"there are no problems, you're imagining it" (of course, we're imagining the water coming out of our balcony lamp and didn't make a movie to prove it to you), 
"yes, there is water in the car elevator opening, but we put a pump to get it out" (and put the other end of the hose in the same opening and it killed the elevator motor), 
"the car-elevator shouldn't be put out of service, it's not dangerous" (ten seconds later you say the exact opposite when your boss isn't around + water is actually flooding so hard it looks like a waterfall, no really, I have a video to prove it too), 
"the water problems (oh there are some now?) are going to be fixed when it will stop raining/when it'll snow on it/when it's all going to be dry/when the 2nd phase is going to start/when the 2nd phase is at your level/when the 2nd phase is done/when the roof of the 2nd phase is done" (it's been 2,5 years, Sept. 10 2010, to be exact, that we noticed the water coming out abnormally from the balcony, but of course, we have to wait all four seasons, twice, before you incompetent duffer do anything and even right now, as of today, you haven't done anything and haven't got a clue what the problem is)...........
Right now, I'm just tired and fed up and am in such a mood that I wish I had a punching ball. P. is making himself sick with anger from all their lies and all their screwing over, I hate seeing him like this, he's not his regular self and it gets me so worried. We're far from having a baby/family in this crazy building filled with neighbours who can't take a stand when it's time to but are eager to share their disappointment and worries and anger when we're chatting in private.


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